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R.L Thomas Specializing in Domestic Partnership & Same Sex Marriage Insurance   PALM SPRINGS, CA, September 5, 2008  ...  R.L. Thomas Service is an independent insurance agency that brings you their expertise in all types of insurance coverage.  Recent law changes have enabled them to offer Domestic Partnership and Same Sex Marriage couples many discounts.

They represent only A+ rated companies that can cover you for Auto, Home, Umbrella, Earthquake and more for personal coverage.  Commercial and Health coverage are also available. 

With over thirty years in business, RLT can place most any insurance that you need.  They also offer at no charge or obligation, a review of your insurance to see if you are adequately covered or even over-insured.    

Even DUI/DWI’s don’t scare them.  They have carriers that realize that anyone can make a mistake.  So, take advantage of R.L. Thomas Service’s experience and knowledge and call today.




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